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IKIoma Areena

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ikioma areena

Saimaa Stadiumin taidekilpailu

Saimaa Stadium required art works that would precisely reflect its versatile  functionality. 10 Artists were called to participate in the Art work contest. 9 Artists have accepted an invitation and announced the participation.  As for me - I'm INLink



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Dance and Dancers series continues. Now  the ballerine with the new character and pose. It is time to fix does it come out or comming in to the Glissade. Images



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"FLADY" inflight

She is "Flady". I'm not sure about the name, for now it is as it is. Someone says she is a fairy, someone thinks she is a witch . Perhaps. I'm not sure, but what i'm sure about is that she is done and she's flying. Images


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Marina Gisich Gallery

15th Anniversary of the Marina Gisich Gallery

Marina Gisich Gallery announces December 14th as the celebration day of 15th Anniversary of the gallery and launches the group exhibition project titled “Provenance”. The group exhibition by more than 15 artists will occupy the 300 sq. m space of 1st and 2nd floors of the gallery premises on Fontanka embankment in St. Petersburg.

The concept of the “Provenance” project – must know & must have artists from the gallery for the coming 5 years. These are names, which are being developed by the gallery during the recent decade and which the gallery is focused on for the nearest future. My 'bLock' is over There.





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Design Week

Mikkeli Art & Design Week

”In Vilee is presented a part of my art project ”Forest Home”. Differently shaped lamps, which look like fruits, bird nests, mushrooms and other strange figures. The installation will lighten the whole terrace of restaurant Vilee. This project shows us, how easily modern art can be integrated in our homes and bring pleasure to our eyes every day.” – Nadia Zubareva. Images from the hotspot.


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Contemporary Art From St. Petersburg in Turku
13 June – 17 Aug  at Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art 

The many-sided, high class overview of Russian contemporary art presents some of the most interesting artists in Russia today. The works displayed in the exhibition comment on topical themes and raises a concern about the state of the society, alongside more personal themes. The exhibition will display paintings and video art, sculpture and installations. Information. Images.

Match Made

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2.07- 30.07.2014 in Savonlinna Joeli Library

In the region of South Savo lives and works a diverse group of professional artists and designers. Invitation to the exhibition will be considering, what sort of discussion about their work and art objects can be made. Do their ways and techniques of work differ, and if yes, then how? How do they get inspired and where do they get their new ideas? Come to the exhibition to get the answers. Information

The Art of light

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Woven Lamps on the exhibition

From  23th to  30th of  May  as a part of Saint Petersburg design week  the  designer  UNION of Russia and light crafting company  «АРТЛАЙТ»   are inviting YOU to dive in the experimental space of the new international  project “The Art of light”. I'm gonna be there with the woven lamps.

Woven Lamps

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Woven Lamps

Woven lamps in daylight. Soft, cosy and so Natural.  Images


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anna pavlova

"PAVLOVA" invites

"Pavlova" is the second work from the new artseries,dedicated to the Dance and Dancers. Legendary Russian Ballerina appears in the  new white dress made from  the stainless steel wire. Images


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bLOCK - The REDone

The Red - The One - The Boxer - Born in struggle and for it.  Clinching and even up side down  in defence with no care about the surrounding reality. Images


Video Found

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First Video of Nadia Zubareva's was Found

This Video file, made by Maxim Ksuta on the exhibition of the Contemporary art projects in Vinzavod at 2009, was recently found. Out There were paticipated: XL gallery - Ira Korina, M&U Gelman gallery - group exhibition of gallery artists,Regina gallery - Ivan Chuykov, A2 gallery - Nadia Zubareva. Full video file available from Here.

Window Opening

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Window opening at St.Lucia's Day

Beautiful lamps were switched on in the open window at studio of Nadia Zubareva on 13th of december. The event was dedicated to the St.Lucia's Day - well known as a day of lights.  Images


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"Dancers" -  first batch complete

With "Dancers" the first part of  the new artseries is complete.  STOP,  then  GO  to the first show  at the 21of February to the exhibition in the Cultural center Poleeni, Pieksämäki, Finland.  Images

"OOla" making dance

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First one from the new artseries

"OOla" -  is the start of the new artseries,dedicated to the Dance and Dancers. 3 works will be done for the first batch.  Gesture, Moves and  Poses will be exposed with the filigreed technique.   Images

"Three Graces" - introduction

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Three Graces 2012

They are finally done

Fresh views of the new Wire sculpture - "Three Graces" you can find out of here. Comming from the country of lakes, they are heading soon to the city  to check the urban landscapes .  Images

Art Goes Work

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Mom in the Central Hospital of Mikkeli

"Mom" in the Central Hospital of Mikkeli

Great Thing.  "Mom"  was presented to the Central hospital of Mikkeli.  There, in the lobby,  it is open  for  an audience every day. Artwork is working to give  a lift for people from the usual hospital scene.  Images

Exhibition at Mikkeli ART Museum

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Mikkeli Art Museum

Regional art at Mikkeli Art Museum

The joint exhibition of the regional Artists was opened at 18.2.2012 at Mikkeli Art Museum.  Local Artists got the open invitation to  participate in the exhibition.  Their  works were selected by  Markku Valkonen - the curator of the EMMA modern art  museum from Espoo. We were there.  Images


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Apollo 440

Apollo coming

Take a look at that men   -   "Apollo 440" .  Images with the High Resolution available from  HERE.

At Summer Saksala

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Wire sculpture

Summer Views from the Saksala ArtRadius

Few images from the rural  Center Saksala Art Radius. Wire Sculptures, bounded with the vivid colours of rural summer, combine the pleasant picture for the the calm RGB perception. Images

Teddy Story - updated

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Wire Sculpture


On the floor lies tiny Teddy
Half a paw is gone already.
He is tattered, torn, and lame.
Yet I love him just the same.
                          Agniya Barto                Images

Upgrade of Cultural Identity

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Cultural indentity

Here was there

Recently we got some photos from the event  named  "Upgrade of Cultural Identity  - TEREMOK", which had happened in December 2010 in Moscow at  the Art Centre Independent Plaza. Over There  the selected artists came up with  some  understanding of the  Cultural entity. Images


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Wire sculpture in cosmoscow

"Just a Girl 2010" in COSMOSCOW

Fresh photoes of the "Just a Girl 2010" inside of the cosmoscow artspace. She cames from the center of Finland. She is there with the crew of the Marina Gisich Gallery  from Saint-Petersburg. Images

Chained Friends

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Chained friends feom the mesh

Pooh and Piglet at "100 svoih"

Fabulous Winnie the Pooh and the Piglet had found themself inside of  the new shell, deftly knited from the metall wire net. This appearance they have chose to shows up on the party at the Art-center "100 svoih".       Images

Exhibition in Saksalsa Art Radius

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Exhibition in Finland

Exhibition was opened yesterday

Three wire sculptures - "Mother", "Boxer" and "Just a Girl 2010" took their positions in the rural cultural center and residence SaksalaArtRadius .   More images

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